Our Main Features


A field team’s calendar is constantly in flux, with customer appointments, events, meetings, and on-boarding or training classes always changing. Take advantage of personalized, up to date, dynamic schedules.

Onboarding Plans

Construct detailed, personalized onboarding and learning plans that adjusts as users progress, and can handle standard courses, experiential activities, and reflect in the schedule.


Don’t get flagged as noncompliant. Apogy combines tracking, roleplay assessments, evaluations, automated communication, and auditing.

Progress Tracking

All activity within Apogy is tracked at a fine-grained level. Continuous adaptive assessments are embedded within the activities, providing real-time feedback.

Coaching & Mentoring

Identify ideal matches between learners and coaches and use digital tools to enable and enhance the mentoring process.


Features such as robust messenger and group chats, 1-on-1 or many-to-many virtual meetings, face-to- face appointment scheduling at events, connecting with your customers and colleagues has never been easier.

Measure the Impact

Fine-grained tracking, polling, and surveys all contribute to the extensive pool of collected data. Embedded courses, questionnaires and role-play certifications allow you to assess how impactful onboarding and events really are. A reporting dashboard helps to disseminate these insights through the enterprise.

Extra Features

Training and Roleplay Certifications

Conduct your roleplay certifications, evaluations, coaching coursework and assessments during your kickoff or as part of an onboarding or learning plan.

Social Feed

Keeping in touch is simple when attendees can easily manage new connections, share contact info and stay connected long after the event.


Meeting organizers can target attendees or groups with personalized notifications highlighting important and time sensitive information.

Online Meetings and Chat

Stay connected to your team at all times with fully-featured online meetings and a secure text chat, sharing text, pictures, audio, and content with your teams and colleagues.

Surveys and Questionnaires

Collect critical metrics on the effectiveness of your product launch, or assess retention at 30, 60, and 90 days.


Set up team challenges inside and outside of a conference for hundreds of challenge and learning activities. View leaderboards for your team and collaborate to win.