Make Connections

As the world becomes more automated, it’s important to remember the value of live mentorship from someone who’s been there. Apogy provides the tools a coach needs to artfully manage the development of their team. Apogy empowers coaches and mentors with live peer-to-peer mentoring sessions and interactive presentation tools.

Coaches are completely accessible to their teams, even if they’re across the country. Connect through live video chat, either one-on-one or in small groups. Apogy allows coaches to share learning materials and presentations, with interactive features such as role-play certifications and allowing team members to ask questions and respond to live polls.

Social Learning

Apogy incorporates social features such as chat, peer mentoring, group collaboration and audio/visual participation giving learners more tools to engage with.

Virtual Classroom

Why be limited by geography? Noggin’s virtual classrooms allow small groups of learners and trainers to engage in a videoconference with support for peer-to-peer audio, video, and shared content streaming. Students can share videos with their coach to help refine their pitch or complete an assessment.

Activity Forums

Every learner is different and not all topics can be taught in the same way. Noggin offers over two dozen learning activity formats or modalities ranging from eBooks, podcasts, and interactive videos to virtual classes and self-study coursework.

Content Access

Take advantage of the built-in content management features to help guarantee that content is always up-to-date. Digital media comes alive with video, audio and presentation media. Facilitators can easily switch between activities and add new items on the fly

Broadcast Notifications

Never miss an important meeting again. The fully configurable cloud-based notification engine will remind you when, where, and how you want.

Chat and Social Feeds

Chat with the presenter, a peer or the group during the presentation. This is a great way for participants to stay engaged and gain more information about the key messages without having to interrupt the session.