Apogy makes product evolution smoother, smarter and faster than even before. Traditionally, Product realignments can create strain on every aspect of the organization. But growth is essential component to help organizations take the quantum leap they need to ensure commercial excellence.


Use Apogy to deliver product realignment training without ever stepping on a plane. Keep sales teams in field while connecting them to trainers and subject matter experts. And never compromise training consistency or the training experience.

Apogy is a nimble platform that can adapt to the complexity of product realignment, and make the transition a more seamless, clear and fluid process Imagine delivering your realignment training from virtually anywhere. Keep sales teams in the field while connecting them to trainers and subject matter experts. Our agile learning functions support speedy and efficient field realignment for any commercial organization looking to align their product realignment with their employees.

Learning Plan Creation

Create and manage blended curricula. Use an integrated system that allows you to manage, control and view all aspects of a learning plan for each person on your team. Supplement your existing LMS-based training and open new avenues of interaction through Apogy’s calendar-integrated learning activities. Provide personalized learning plans that can support product launch objectives.

Assign Plans

Assign training to your custom user groups, using large content library that can be browsed, searched and filtered. Ranging from custom content for the modalities and standards-based SCORM and Tin-Can content to third-party licensed content streams. Close any knowledge gaps through courses, evaluations, certification assessments, coaching, and role-plays during events.

Virtual Meetings

With features such as 1-on-1 or many-to-many virtual meetings, connecting with your customers and colleagues has never been easier. Users have quick access to full company directory to instantly meet online. Stay connected to your team at all times with fully-featured virtual meetings that can present PDF, Powerpoint, web content and full screen, and can be used for roleplay certifications, presentation reviews, and customer meetings.

Host Study Groups

Host study groups with our collaboration channels and calendar-integrated learning activities. Chat with the presenter, a peer or the group during the presentation. This is a great way for participants to stay engaged and gain more information about the key messages without having to interrupt the session.


Don’t get flagged as noncompliant. Apogy combines tracking, assessment, automated communication, auditing, customized rules engines, content access, content presentation, reporting and third party compliance systems integration to create a complete solution.

Track Progress

Track progress all through one platform. Gauge comprehension using the built in evaluation tools. All activity within Apogy is tracked at a fine-grained level. Continuous adaptive assessments may be embedded within the activities, providing real-time feedback, measuring one’s current proficiencies and skill gaps so you will always know where you stand and what you need to work on.